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PJ Gardner, also known as PJ Switzer, was born and raised in Denver, CO, where she probably would have lived her whole life if it hadn’t been for a fateful trip to California when she was eight years old. Sunshine and no snow sounded like heaven to her. Ten years later she moved to the Golden State to attend Whittier College. Her time in Southern California was filled with adventure and learning. She met her future husband, Neil, there as well. 


PJ enjoyed school so much she decided to keep going, which is how she wound up across the country at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Turns out, the East was too cold for her. After earning her Master’s degree in Art History she drove straight back to the Pacific Coast. 

In 1999 she and Neil started a family. That’s when the real adventures began. 


Now, PJ lives in Gilbert, AZ with her husband, three sons and her Boston Terriers, Rosie and Rocky.