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A Word About Pigs

Image by brittany sawyer
Pj and piglet_JPG_edited.jpg

Before you go rushing off to buy a potbelly pig there are some important things you should know.


First, there’s no such thing as Teacup pigs or Pixie pigs or pigs that stay small. All pigs get big, like 100-200 lbs big. Yeah, that’s small compared to farm hogs—they weigh about 900lbs—but it’s still big. If you want to adopt a super awesome pig like Bunwinkle remember to do research and ask the breeder lots of questions. Or even better adopt from a piggy rescue.


Second, dogs and pigs may not get along as well as Horace and Bunwinkle do. Dogs are hunters by nature and pigs get hunted, which means you may have problems if you put them together. Not all dogs are proper and polite Boston Terriers like Horace.


Third, every pet has specific needs, make sure you know what those are before you adopt them. 


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