"Authentic workshop at its best!"

Barb, 3rd grade teacher, MI

MAD LIB MYSTERIES (2nd Grade and up)


Working with PJ, the class will fill in the blanks to create a fun and dynamic mystery. From choosing a pet-tective to planting clues to apprehending the culprit, students will craft it all. (As a follow up, PJ will send a copy of the finished version to the class.)


CULTIVATE CURIOSITY (3rd Grade and up)


Where do story ideas come from? The answer is everywhere. You just need to be curious. This workshop is designed to get students excited to write their own stories by focusing on beginner storytelling basics, like brainstorming, description, and plot.

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PJ’S PETSHOP (3nd Grade and up)

This fun workshop is all about building character, animal character, that is. Each critter has a unique point of view and a story to tell. Students will learn how to:

  • Develop characters based on research and role-playing

  • Create emotionally realistic personalities

  • And, of course, how to get around opposable thumbs


REVISION IS THE KEY (3nd Grade and up)

Great stories aren’t written. They’re crafted. And editing/revision is the chief crafting tool. Using strategies from her own work, PJ will guide your students through the awkward, but awesome, process of honing their writing. This presentations work best if the students come with a piece of writing ready to be worked on.

       BOOK CLUB

Did your class read Horace & Bunwinkle? Are they hungry for more? Why not schedule a 20 minute virtual book discussion with PJ? There’s no cost, but spots are limited. Send a request through PJ’s contact form.

  • LOCAL VISITS (within 40 miles of PJ’s home):
    🌟 One presentation plus book signing: $350
    🌟 Two presentations, plus book signing: $500
    🌟 Full-day visit including up to 3 presentations, lunch with students, plus book signing: $650

    🌟 Full day visit including up to 3 presentations, lunch with students, and book signing: $800/day + travel and accommodations (Note: If two schools wish to coordinate and share the visit, PJ will do one large assembly and book signing per school.)

    PJ makes every effort to keep costs low when booking flights and hotel accommodations.
    If your school is more than 40 miles from PJ’s home, your school will be responsible for:
    🌟 Airfare or 52 cents/mile if it’s within a drivable distance
    🌟 Hotel accommodations and ground transportation as needed (ie. taxi or Uber to and from airport and the school)
    🌟 Multiple schools may schedule a visit at the same time and share these expenses.


       🌟 Cost: $170 per session or $550 for all four

       🌟 Run time: 45-60 minutes (including a Q&A)

       🌟 Included: Signed bookplates

       🌟 Video platform: Zoom (can be flexible)


To schedule please send an email through PJ’s contact form.

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