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Creativity Coaching 

Welcome to the land of Creativity, a magical place where ideas roam free, where iced coffee flows in the river, and trees composed of unused pens dot the landscape. Join me, PJ Gardner Switzer, for help navigating this strange and exciting world.


Take my hand and I’ll lead you through the murky middle of a WIP gone stale. Cling to me like a koala so I can swing you out of an unfulfilling career. Trust me as you’ve never trusted anyone to take the sting out of writing a query letter or the dreaded synopsis.


Come with me and be free in a world without procrastination.*


*Freaky psychedelic boat rides not included.



"PJ Gardner-Switzer is a creative mind and story guru you can’t afford *not* to have in your corner. Her ability to find the gem in an idea is unmatched."
-Celesta Rimington, award-winning author of The Elephant’s Girl and Tips for Magicians
PJ doesn't just know how to unlock your book when you're stuck, she busts it open from the inside, plus giving you all the tools you need to rewire it back together again.
I couldn't have finished my current WIP without her. You need her and you don't even know it yet.

Gina Loveless, author of the Diary of 5th Grade Outlaw series, Animal Rescue Friends series, and Puberty Is Gross, but Also Really Awesome

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